Hello! Who am I?

Bonny Hazelwood, a young white woman with chin-length dark brown hair, smiles slightly at the cameraBonny Hazelwood is a neurodivergent psychology student and journalist from Brighton, United Kingdom.

Always thought of as ‘different’ but going unnoticed throughout school, Bonny was identified as/diagnosed with dyscalculia in September 2019. Although her condition comes with its challenges, like many neurodivergent people Bonny is proud of her differently-wired brain, and would never wish it to be cured.

Voted “Most Likely to be Prime Minister” at school, she is currently studying for a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, and has held NCTJ accreditation since the summer of 2019. Bonny also speaks German (where appropriate, of course), and is intent upon learning a variety of other languages. Wunderbar, nein?

Bylines (as reporter/writer):

Other credits coming soon!